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Show Members Share Best & Worst From Memorial Day Weekend

Over the weekend, people all over the country celebrated Memorial Day Weekend and for some, the first weekend of summer. Members of The Bobby Bones Show shared their best and worst moments from the holiday weekend.

Bobby Bones' best part was getting to spend a few days in St. Louis with the Cardinals for Too Much Access & 25 Whistles. They did the podcast in front of the stadium, went to a game and had an excellent time. They did an interview with Paul Goldschmidt and Bones gave him a signed microphone, so Goldschmidt gave him a signed bat. Bones said it was one of the most fun episodes they've done so far. However, the worst part of his weekend was also with St. Louis. Their plane got delayed because of bad weather and once it took off there was some crazy turbulence. There was a moment when it stopped and Eddie said he thought they were in the clear, but then they immediately started going through bad turbulence again. 

Amy shared that her best friend of 29 years Scott came to town and that was her favorite part of the whole weekend. He hung out with her kids and loved seeing them bond. Then they jumped through some hoops to buy fresh sourdough bread from a specific place in town and planned to grill it. However, her dog Kara decided to eat the entire loaf by sneaking it off the counter, so that was definitely her worst moment of the weekend.

Eddie shared with his worst of the weekend because he showed up to the studio in a boot. He loved getting to spend the whole day with the St. Louis Cardinals for Too Much Access, but while they were taking grounders in the infield, he injured himself on a base. Bones threw a ball to Eddie, when Eddie jumped high to grab it, he landed on the side of his foot on top of the base. He rolled his ankle and even heard a crunch as it was happening. He found out he fractured his foot and is now in a boot for 6 weeks.

Lunchbox was just happy the pools were finally open this weekend so his family had a lot of time outside. However there were some bad storms and whenever that happens, his wife doesn't sleep because "she is paranoid," which meant he didn't get much sleep either.