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Bobby Surprises Listener Josh After Mom Sold Eric Church Memorabilia

Listener Josh called into The Bobby Bones Show about a month ago and shared how his mom was helping him with a moving out sale. He showed her a box of items he wanted to keep, which included a vinyl he got Eric Church to sign when he saw him in concert. Once they were done with the sale, he asked his mom where his box of collectable items that he wanted to keep was. She threw her hands up and had no idea he wanted to keep those items, and everything was sold.  

Josh recalled how when Church came to his town for a concert, he bought pit tickets and brought along his Sinners Like Me vinyl. During this tour, Church would walk through the crowd and sign things. When he played his song “Record Year” he took Josh’s vinyl, held it up and signed it. Josh freaked out and was so happy it happened and wanted to keep it as a memory forever, so he was upset when it was accidentally sold.  

Bobby Bones was able to track Church down and got him to sign and personalize his Sinners Like Me vinyl to Josh. Church signed his name along with a message that said “To Josh.” He never asked or expected this to happen, but Bones wanted to do something special for him. Josh was so thankful for the signed record that he almost started crying. Josh also asked everyone on The Bobby Bones Show to sign the vinyl, and they did on the back of it to make sure they didn’t ruin the front side with Church’s signature!