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Lunchbox Says Eddie Made The News For His Toxic Workplace Trait

Lunchbox shared that Eddie has a new trending toxic workplace trait called “Busy Bragging.”

It’s described as someone who always talks about how busy they are and how they never have enough time because they’re too busy to do anything. According to the NY Post, it’s the latest toxic workplace trend that annoys your co-workers and makes you look stupid. When Lunchbox first read it, he immediately thought of Eddie and how he’s been doing that for years.  

Eddie doesn’t think he’s a “busy bragger” and that he’s just a busy father of four. Bobby Bones is also someone on the show who is always busy, but he does not consider himself a “busy bragger” because he does not go around telling people how busy he is. Even though he has a lot going on all the time, if he’s asked to do something he can’t, he’ll just say he’s tied up or his calendar is full and not talk about how busy he is, unlike Eddie who likes to remind everyone.