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At the End of Your Rope? Don't Give Up, What Is Coming is Better Than What

Last week we had Walker Hayes on for the 3rd time and this week we have Steven Young back for a 3rd time. Steven is the Founder of 'Home Street Home' and he has a very bittersweet story of redemption (he was homeless for 5 years and then 10 years ago made a change and started a ministry serving the homeless!) You'll hear some of Steven's story weaved into today's episode, but if you want more of his fascinating life story in full....listen to his 2 previous chats with Amy: ep. 96 (from Dec 2019) and ep. 256 (from June 2021)

The theme of today's episode was a surprise to Steven and it's truly special hearing him share in this way (through 4 different poems/stories....a gift of his that Amy wanted to highlight) and the discussions of hope + healing that follow each one. The 4 poems/stories are linked below if you want to reference later or share with others:

1- May 1st, What Was Almost the Beginning of the End

2- 68 Years of Yesterdays

3- When the Petals Die...

4- That Still Small Voice

Amy & Steven also talk about ways you can support our homeless friends during the summer months or any time of year for that matter. One of the ways won't cost you a penny. :) 

Learn more about Steven & Home Street Home Ministries:


IG: @homestreethome_tn

Steven's Book: From Chains to Change: One Man's Journey from God-Hater to God-Follower


HOST: Amy Brown // // @RadioAmy

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