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Our Personal Headlines From the Week

Members of The Bobby Bones Show shared some personal headlines news from the week!  

Lunchbox shared that his five-year-old graduated pre-k. All the parents decorated their cars, so his wife made him decorate theirs with balloons, which he thought was stupid. Also, some parents gave every student a gift along with the teachers. He thought the whole thing was stupid because they aren’t truly leaving to go out into the world yet. Eddie shared that he found parents make it a big deal and get emotional because it’s a sign their kids are growing up. Lunchbox did admit he had an emotional moment when he put away his son's school uniform for the final time since he won’t need it for the next grade.  

Eddie shared that this week he went to an Orthopedic doctor to get the final diagnosis on the foot injury he got while playing with the St. Louis Cardinals. The results showed that he did fracture his foot and the next two weeks are the most important time for his recovery. He must stay off it so he announced he will be asking people to do things for him around the studio.  

Amy’s personal headline from the week is that she sold her house! She debated whether she should sell her house for months and asked for a sign to help her decide what she should do. When visiting an open house, a cardinal visited her in the backyard, and she took that as the sign she needed to finally list her house on the market. She now has some things in the works and will share more details on it later.  

Morgan shared the latest news on the dog she found dodging traffic. She is still living in her house, and no owners have come forward. She’s currently working with a rescue organization and fostering the dog through them to help get her adopted. She’d love to keep her, but her cat isn’t meshing well with the new dog in the house and it's making things too chaotic.

Bobby Bones shared that he may take the acting role he was offered in a movie. There was something in the script he didn’t feel comfortable with so he asked if they could change it, so he’d be more open to possibly taking the role and they agreed. He doesn’t like acting much but is being considerate since they asked him and he’s now 54% positive he’ll do it!