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Scuba Steve Questions How Lunchbox Has Never Been On Game Shows

There’s a new competition show called Million Dollar Secret coming out on Netflix. In the show, the million-dollar prize is won by one of 12 players right at the start of the first episode. Now, the others will hunt them down, eliminate the millionaire and the money moves to someone new until there’s one person left.  Bobby Bones expressed how he’s surprised Lunchbox has never been on a game show since he loves them so much and wants to be on TV badly.  

Lunchbox shared that he was going to be on Family Feud with his family, but it happened when he was moving from Austin to Nashville, so it didn’t work out logistically. But it turned out he never even auditioned because they were on the same day he visited Nashville to look at houses.  

Scuba Steve jumped in and wanted to know how after Lunchbox has been on The Bobby Bones Show for over a decade, the connections the show has and him being somewhat of a “celebrity” he has not gotten a manager to help him get roles for game shows or reality TV. Lunchbox shared he once applied for Ellen’s Game of Games Show but never heard back. But everyone thinks the true reason he’s never gotten a role is because he’s never put in much effort trying to get them. Lunchbox also shared that he didn’t realize you could hire someone to help you get those type of roles. Scuba has offered to connect him with a few people he knows in L.A. who could possibly help him get a role, but Lunchbox hasn’t done much follow-up on it.