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Lunchbox Got Stood Up Trying To Sell Pallet Items

A few months ago, Lunchbox pitched the idea for everyone on The Bobby Bones Show to invest in a pallet that was full of Amazon returns. The goal was to sell the items that were in the pallet and hopefully make more money than what they spent on it. Lunchbox didn’t put much effort into trying to get the items sold and it became a huge issue. But recently, he started listing some of the items online and has made some sales!  

One of the items in the pallet was a boat cover that he listed for $60. A man hit him up and asked if he’d accept $50 and he agreed. They set a time and place to meet and make the exchange and while he was waiting, he recorded audio because he wanted to document the life of a “businessman.” He waited 39 minutes, but the customer never came, and he got stood up. He messaged the customer 12 times but never received a response. Lunchbox admitted it hurt and it was his first time experiencing the feeling of being stood up.