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Swiftie Lauren Got Sent Wedding Gift From NY Giants

Swiftie Lauren got married last month and sent wedding invites to companies and sports teams hoping they’d send her gifts! 

She got the idea from a TikTok of people who sent invites to some of their favorite companies and sports teams and received gifts back. She sent over 20 invites to companies like Amazon, Sephora, Chick-Fil-A and some of her and her husband’s favorite sports teams like The New York Giants and they are the only one who sent something back! She received a marriage certificate that was personalized to her and her husband and included their marriage date. The certificate congratulated them on their wedding, wished them years of happiness together and thanked them for their support of the NY Giants. She was so happy she got a response that she planned on framing the certificate.  

No one on The Bobby Bones Show had heard of this idea before. Lunchbox wanted to create his own fake invites to send to companies now in hopes of getting free stuff. As of now, the NY Giants are the only company she's got a response from and will keep us updated if she gets anymore!