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Bobby Gifts Show Members Baseballs With Words To Describe Them

Eddie’s five-year-old son’s baseball season ended! When the final game ended, all the kids huddled together, and the coach pulled out a box full of baseballs that he wrote on. He gave each kid a ball that had a word to describe them on it. Eddie’s son got ‘Mighty.’  

Bobby Bones decided to do the same thing for members of The Bobby Bones Show. He got a box of baseballs and wrote the first thing that came to his mind that described the show member he was gifting it to. He gave the first one to Lunchbox and his baseball said ‘Opinionated’ and ‘Unyielding’ because he does not stop. For Eddie’s baseball he wrote ‘Funny’ and ‘Makes everything a little more fun.’ Morgan’s baseball said ‘Bright’ because she has a bright presence about her, ‘Hopeful’ because she’s remained hopeful through her dating trials and tribulations, and ‘Midwestern’ because that’s where she’s from and represents it. Raymundo’s baseball said ‘Lunch-pail’ because he shows up every day to work early, ‘Consistent’ because he’s always at work at the same time and ‘Random’ because you never know what he’s going to say. Amy’s baseball said ‘Resilient’ because of everything she’s gone through in the last year, ‘Cool mom,’ because she says that about herself a lot and ‘Keen’ because she has a strong interest to grow and learn about herself.