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Eddie Frustrated Over Paid Parking Spots At Grocery Store

The Bobby Bones Show is doing a new segment called ‘What Is This Crap?’ It was Eddie’s idea and it’s about when you see something, and our mind goes “What is this crap and why does it exist?”  

He shared that when he was at the grocery store looking for a parking spot, he saw an open one in the front row next to a handicap spot. When he pulled up to it, he saw there was a sign that said, ‘Pay for Parking,’ where you could scan the code on the sign and pay for parking closer to the store. If he wanted to park for free at the grocery store, he would need to find a spot that’s away from the building. If he wanted to be closer to the store, he could pay for ‘VIP’ parking. He had never seen anything like that before at the grocery store and hated the idea. Eddie didn’t get details on how the paid parking worked or how much it cost but thought it would take more time to park there, scan the code and fill out your info compared to just parking for free further away from the store.