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Listeners Share Their Craziest Hacked Stories

Scuba Steve’s Facebook account has been hacked and he can’t get back in. So, some listeners called in to share their craziest hacked stories.  

Listener TJ shared that his brother's wife’s Facebook got hacked and when he tried to contact the hackers to figure out what was going on, they told him they wanted a thousand-dollar Amazon gift card if she wanted the account info back. They didn’t pay the money and it took three months for Facebook to finally get their account back.  

Listener Jenny got hacked over a year ago and the hacker saw her spouse's name attached to her account and messaged him for $600 if she wanted access back to the account. The hacker messaged everyone asking for money and when she saw people she knew in person, they’d ask if she was okay because they saw she needed money and she’d explain how she got hacked. No one paid the hacker anything.  

Listener Elizabeth shared when her sister got scammed out of $5K. She got a call that there was a car on the side of an interstate in Texas with her license plate number, which was impossible because she did not live there. They continued to tell her it was connected to a crime, so she started panicking. They had convinced her a mob was trying to frame her for a crime, so she bought $5K worth of gift cards and read them the numbers. Her mom happened to call her in the middle of it going on and told her it was a scam and to hang up, but it was too late. The money was taken out of her student loans account and she’s still paying it off.