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The Guys Reveal Moments They Got in Trouble During School

The guys on The Bobby Bones Show revealed moments they got in trouble during school.  

Raymundo shared that he and his friend went into the girl's locker room when they were at a school dance in middle school because they thought it would be funny. But, when they got in there, one of the parents who was chaperoning was in there and told on them. They got detention and he was grounded for two years.  

Eddie admitted that he got suspended twice while he was a student. One time happened when he punched a kid. They were in choir together watching a movie and the kid was sitting behind him and kept touching his earlobe. He told him to stop but the kid kept doing it, so Eddie gave him a warning that if he did it one more time, he’d punch him. So, when the kid did it again, he turned around and punched him in the face. Next period he got called to the principal's office and the kid was there crying. He got an outside school suspension for one day. He also recalled when his teacher asked him why he was failing his scantron tests so bad and he pretended like he had trouble seeing the bubbles that needed to be filled in. He thought it would result in him getting out of having to take the test, but instead he took a separate one and failed that one too.  

Lunchbox shared that when he was in seventh grade he got in a fight. He was walking down the hall when a kid kicked him in the back and ran off. So, the next morning, Lunchbox went up to him, shoved him into his locker, and hit him a few times. The teachers broke it up and sent him home for two days. He also got suspended in High School when at the teams Volleyball playoffs game. The opposing team had a sign that said, “Trash the Trojans,” so he and his friend took it and ripped it up and showered them with the paper. It led to him getting suspended for three days, but his parents didn’t care much. He also shared a time he got caught cheating on a test during his junior year. The teacher gave the class the final before the test and told them to study it and memorize the answers. Lunchbox decided to just write down every single answer on note cards to use as a cheat sheet during the test. He passed them to his friend to use and when he passed them back, the teacher saw, and Lunchbox hid them under his butt while the teacher stared at him the whole time. When the bell rang and everyone left, he didn’t want to get up and reveal the note cards. He finally had to leave and tried to grab the cards nonchalantly, but the teacher asked to see what was in his hand and instead of failing him, told Lunchbox he had to come in the next day when school was out and help him clean his classroom.  

Bobby Bones got sent out of the class once during French class. Once a year they’d play an old Julius Caesar play on the record player and it was miserable, so he went up there and started scratching the record like a DJ. The teacher kicked him out of the class for the day.