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Lunchbox Harasses Chris Daughtry After Spotting Him At Coffee Shop

Lunchbox harassed Chris Daughtry when he saw him at a coffee shop yesterday. He was there with Amy, Eddie, Scuba Steve and a few executives for a company lunch. Amy and Eddie called the moment extremely embarrassing.  

Lunchbox saw Daughtry walk into the coffee shop but didn’t have his phone on him, so he begged to use Scuba Steve’s. He waited 15 minutes for Daughtry to walk out and checked on him in the shop to ensure he was still there. Once he left, Lunchbox said he “pounced” on him while he was carrying a bag of food and three cups of coffee. He asked him what he was drinking and got audio of the whole interaction. In the audio, you can hear Daughtry ask who he is, and Lunchbox introduces himself and says he’s on The Bobby Bones Show. Daughtry also answered that his go-to coffee is usually a cold brew but that day he was drinking an almond milk latte, and he was getting coffee for his producers. Daughtry also told him he scared him, but Lunchbox thought it was just two celebrities hanging out!