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Guys Admit Things They Like To Do When Home Alone

The guys on The Bobby Bones Show shared what they like to do when they are home alone.  

Lunchbox shared that he likes to just sit there in silence. He looks at the ceiling and thinks it’s amazing that it’s dead quiet. Bobby Bones admitted one of the things he likes to do is take all the decretive pillows off their bed and throw them on the ground. Eddie shared that the first thing he does is turn on his music loud because he doesn’t have to play the music his kids want to hear. But, if they are gone for a few days, he starts to feel like a loser and orders food out for every meal and just sits around and watches TV. They revealed when the house is empty, there isn’t anything bad they do, they just become the slob they would be if they weren’t married.  

Bones has a folder in his phone called ‘Weekend with No Wife,’ where he documents what he did when his wife was out of town for three days. He ordered 12 donuts, played Madden for three hours, went to a sports card shop, got BBQ and ordered a lot of food, turned the AC way down in the house and admitted it was fun for a day, but he felt gross after two days. 

Raymundo shared that when his wife is away and he has the house to himself, he basically turns his house into a sports book. He has all the games on and starts doing some betting. Also, his wife likes to keep the house warm and light candles, but when she’s away, he doesn’t turn any lights or candles on.