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Guys On The Show Wrangled Injured Bird Out Of The Studio

Lunchbox wanted to do a Tell Me Something Good about how he and a few people on The Bobby Bones Show wrangled an injured bird out of the studio.  

He shared that he, Eddie and Scuba Steve saw the bird in the hallway at the studio and it looked like it had an injured wing. They tried to get the bird out of the building, but it went behind the fridge. They didn’t give up and finally got the bird and released it back into the wild.  

Eddie had a different story. He thought all the guys were being wimps about the bird and refused to touch it. He shared that everyone freaked out trying to get it out of the building. Lunchbox took a video of the interaction and in the end, Scuba Steve was able to get it into a box and let it go back into the wild.