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Bobby Hiring Amy’s Son So He Can Get PlayStation

Amy’s son, Stevenson, was going to work out a deal with her for him to get a new PlayStation. Her plan was to have him earn it by doing some things like practicing manners, but Bobby Bones thought he’d buy it for him and have him work for it. He thinks he would respect the work he does for Bones more than the work he does for his mom.  

Bones already bought him the PlayStation and Stevenson texted him to let him know he’s going away to camp and can’t have his phone while he’s there. Amy knew if he texted Bones then that meant he was serious about it. The text Bones got from Stevenson said that he appreciated him buying it and that he looks forward to working it off when he gets back from camp. Bones is going to have him work on organizing his sports cards, cleaning the pickleball court he built, and have him do some voice-over work for the show. He needs 25 hours of solid work from him to feel like he’s worked for the price of the PlayStation.