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Bobby Gifts Listener Tickets To Chris Stapleton After Husband’s Mishap

Listener Kim called into The Bobby Bones Show about a mishap that happened when her husband bought them tickets to a Chris Stapleton concert.  

They’ve been married for 40 years and she’s a huge Stapleton fan and her husband is more of a classic-rock fan. When her husband told her the news about the concert, he shared that he got the tickets, but the seats weren’t together, and they are sitting in different sections. The show is happening this Wednesday, June 12th in Kansas City and it’s sold-out so there is no way for them to get tickets together. She wants to be super excited for the show because it was sweet for her husband to get the tickets, but she’s a little upset they’re not sitting together. She thinks he got tickets in two different sections because he knows how important concerts are to her and thought she’d rather have a good seat alone than sit together in not as good of seats. But she would rather sit with him even if the seats aren’t as good.  

Bobby Bones reached out to someone he knew could possibly help and explained the situation. He then bought them two tickets in a section together as a gift for her and her husband so they could sit together! Kim expressed how thankful she was for the gesture and that when she called into the show, she did not expect him to buy her tickets and only wanted his opinion on the situation. Kim is going to call back after the concert to let him know how it was!