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Amy Admits Her Father Was Very Attractive When He Was Young

Men are waiting longer to become fathers now than ever before. The average age men are starting a family is 30. 9% of men are waiting until they're in their 40s. Experts say it’s good for fathers to wait and get their career and finances in order before they start a family because it provides a more secure and stable home.  

Amy’s father was in his mid-40s when he had her. Her father was smooth and had four wives and a girlfriend before he passed away. She went through his college yearbook and saw pictures of him when he was young and could tell he was a player. When she goes through his old yearbooks, she’ll point out who the cutest guy is and when she looks at their name, she realizes it’s her dad. Her father was part of a singing group, was fluent in Spanish and served time in a Saudi jail. Amy shared that he lived an interesting life, and she wishes she asked him more questions before he passed away and encouraged others to really question their parents to get to know them!