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Eddie Gets New Hair System From Nashville Hair Replacement

Eddie is bald and has worn a hat for years to hide it. He didn’t want to have surgery but was willing to get a “hair system!” 

Julie Taylor from Nashville Hair Replacement came to the studio to give Eddie a whole new "hair system!" Her goal was to make him look 10 years younger. She explained that its nonsurgical hair replacement done with real human hair that looks natural. There is monthly maintenance he will need to do if he wants to keep it, but it isn’t a hard or long process. Once it’s on his head, it will be secured, and he won’t have to worry about it falling off and can live normally.  

Eddie got his hair system glued on in the studio and the process took an hour. When he revealed his new hair, everyone was shocked by how good and real it looked! He looked into a mirror for the first time while on-air and loved the way he looked and said he felt younger and more confident!  

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