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Listener Reports On Chris Stapleton Concert After Getting Tickets From Show

Listener Kim called into The Bobby Bones Show a few days ago and explained how her husband bought them tickets to a Chris Stapleton concert, but the seats were in two different sections. Bobby Bones was able to get them two tickets next to each other and Kim called in with an update on how the show went!  

She shared that the show was amazing, and that Stapleton is one of the most talented artists she’s ever heard. Before the show, she was texted a link to access the tickets and said it was super easy. Her husband thought it was the coolest thing ever that she was able to get tickets and loved that they were able to sit together.  

She tried to give away the two previous tickets she had to pay it forward but none of her friends wanted to sit alone. She ended up selling them and making some money back. Overall, they had an amazing night and were extremely thankful for the tickets!