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Lunchbox Parents Got Scammed For $1500

Lunchbox’s parents got scammed out of $1,500 on Facebook!  

They were looking on Facebook and saw a post that said their father was moving from his house into a retirement facility so he’s selling a bunch of stuff. They said they were out of town so if they saw anything in the picture they liked, send them a message and put a deposit down and when they are back at the end of June they can come get it. It was posted from their friends account who they didn’t know got hacked.  

His parents saw some items they liked, including shelves, a fridge and a Jeep. They also sent pictures to his sister asking if she wanted anything, and she warned them that it might be a scam. Lunchbox warned them it was a scam, but they didn’t listen and sent the person $1,500 through PayPal. Later, his parents found out it was a scam and tried to get their money back, but since it was sent through PayPal Friends and Family, they couldn’t. His mom is mad at the scammers, so she’s been talking to them for three days trying to annoy them, but they keep asking her to send more money.