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Eddie Attempts To Eat 108 Shrimp

Eddie attempted to eat 108 popcorn shrimp after he made a bet that if he ate all of them, he’d get $108! He had boxes piled up in front of him that contained 50 pieces of popcorn shrimp in each.  

A couple of weeks ago, The Bobby Bones Show shared a story about someone eating 108 pieces of shrimp during Red Lobsters endless shrimp. Eddie stated that he thought he could do that. So, he made a bet with Bobby Bones that if he ate 108 popcorn shrimp, he would give him $108. But, if he ate only 107 shrimp, he would get no money.  

Eddie started eating the shrimp while in the studio and shared that they were spicy. After he ate 100, he felt full, bloated and like crap. He opened the box with the final 8 shrimp and started eating them two at a time until he finished and ate all 108 popcorn shrimp and was awarded the money! Before he ate them, his weight was 191.8 and after he weighed 193.6!