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Bobby, Lunchbox & Eddie Admit Their Annoying Husband Habits

The husbands on The Bobby Bones Show shared what their wives would say is their most annoying habit that they don’t correct.  

Lunchbox shared that if he does not eat his fingernail or toenails, he’ll just leave them sitting on the couch. Also, he throws all his dirty clothes into the bathtub and when the toilet paper runs out, he does not put it on the roll and just sets it on top of it, which really annoys his wife. Bobby Bones shared that his wife gets annoyed when he does not put the twist-tie back on the plastic covering of foods. Instead, he will ball it up and push it up against something to hold it closed. Also, that he turns the air super cold wherever he goes. Eddie shared that his wife gets most annoyed that he does not listen and will ask her the same question repeatedly. She’s made a calendar to help him remember when things are.  

Some of the big complaints that were listed included: leaving wet towels on the floor, burping, lack of personal hygiene, picking nose, passing gas, not picking up after yourself, over drinking, sleeping in late and not stacking dishes.