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Someone Threw Their Baseball Away & Show Gifts Bobby His Own Baseball

When Eddie’s son finished their baseball season, the coach gave everyone on the team a ball with a word he felt best described them on it. Bobby Bones liked that idea and did it himself and gave everyone on The Bobby Bones Show a baseball with a word to describe them. Raymundo shared that he saw someone's baseball in the trash, but he can’t guarantee it was one of the balls Bones wrote a note on and gave as a gift. Everyone knew where their baseball was, except Lunchbox.  

He shared that he took it into the other studio and he’s not sure if the cleaning crew accidentally threw it away, but he doesn’t know where his baseball is anymore. He also suggested that it might’ve rolled off the side of the desk and into the trash. He tried to explain how he’s always told to keep his desk clean, so he “might’ve thrown it away” to make sure his desk wasn’t cluttered.  

Everyone on the show wrote a word they felt best described Bones on a baseball to give to him. Lunchbox wrote Sad because he has access to everything but chooses to do nothing. He thinks it’s sad how he approaches things and does not take advantage of more opportunities. Abby wrote Uplifting. Morgan wrote Influential because she feels like he is in many vast ways. Amy wrote Funny and Eddie put down Driven. Raymundo wrote Aura, because he thinks Bones has an energy people can feel through the radio.