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Lunchbox Thinks He’s More Famous Than Most People in Studio

Lunchbox thinks he is one of the Top 25 most famous people in Nashville and in country music. In the past, he’s made lists of where he ranks amongst other celebrities who live in Nashville. On Morgan’s Best Bit’s podcast, he shared that he’s so famous that when he was in Atlanta everyone knew him. A listener wanted to know if he considers himself the most famous person on The Bobby Bones Show.  

He shared that on his most famous people in Nashville list, Bobby Bones was ranked higher than him. It was tough for him to admit ego wise, but he knows that he’s done a few more things than him and his star is brighter than his. He does think he is more famous than Amy and that no one knows her from the movie she was in, Holiday Harmony. He shared that if they both were standing on a street corner, more people would recognize him than her. Amy has more Instagram followers than him, but he blamed it on not being as active as she is.  

Lunchbox is going to do some research and share his new Top 25 Most Famous People in Nashville list soon! Some artists he thinks have slipped on the list include Jake Owen, Luke Bryan and Carrie Underwood.