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Bobby Saw One Of His Favorite Artists On Plane

Bobby Bones was in Paris, France the last few days for a media conference. He met with some huge companies that were sponsors and he felt like there was a lot of value in him going for the show. As he was leaving to come back to America, he noticed someone wearing a red hat and carrying an instrument. It was André 3000 from OutKast! He would’ve loved to get a picture with him but didn’t want people to notice him and it caused a scene. Bones found himself standing next to him and told him he was a big fan and he thanked him, but that was all that happened. Bones took a creeper picture of him walking away because he wanted to remember the moment.  

Later when he and his wife boarded their flight, he saw that her seat was right next to André 3000! He wanted to switch seats with her so he could sit next to him, but his wife wouldn’t let him. The whole flight, Bones was listening to his music and freaking out. When they landed, they were standing around each other but Bones did not say anything. When they got to baggage claim, no one was around besides the two of them and he almost asked him for a picture but decided to respect his space and time. He noticed a few people came up to him and asked for pictures and he was nice and did it, but he could tell he was hoping it didn’t start something. Bones had a great trip and met some cool people!