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Listeners Think Amy Needs To Be Punished For Suits Spoiler

A listener called into The Bobby Bones Show to share that Amy spoiled the TV show, Suits, for her and her boyfriend and she should be punished for it. They were in the middle of season two and she heard something she wished she didn’t know because it spoiled the show for them. She suggested Amy be put on the Wheel of Punishment for it.  

Last week, Amy shared that she thought a new episode of Suits was coming out but was informed it was from 2019 and was just becoming available on Netflix. Bobby Bones then brought up Meghan Markle and Amy talked about her storyline and what happens to her character. She thought everyone knew already and hated that she ruined the show for them. When it comes to talking about TV Shows she’s seen, she’s just going to start giving a generic response, so she doesn’t spoil anything anymore. If she deserves to be on the Wheel of Punishment will be decided in the next couple of days!