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Show Admits Topics They Could Give Presentations On

The members of The Bobby Bones Show shared the topic they are so good at talking about and know so much info on, they could give a 30-minute presentation on it with no prep time.  

Bobby Bones shared his would be about ‘90s sitcoms, including spinoffs and he could talk about the arcs of what some of the actors have done in other shows. Eddie said his would be about the band Pearl Jam. He could tell you where they all came from, how the band started, talk about their most famous songs and really give an in-depth background about the band. Amy shared hers would be about processing grief and the different stages you go through and how to get through them. Lunchbox’s presentation would be on how to hit on the ladies. He would teach guys how to approach women at the bar, break the ice, properly flirt and get a date because he considered himself a master at it.