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Two Show Members Have Weird Rashes

A 28-year-old man went to the doctor because he wasn’t feeling well and was told it was probably just anxiety and to go home and rest. He started getting rashes on his skin and neck that started oozing. Turned out he was right on the verge of sepsis and had heart issues and was severely misdiagnosed. He is now being treated properly and is doing better! 

Lunchbox sent Bobby Bones a picture of a red rash he has on his leg that’s been there for two weeks. Amy revealed she has one too on her leg. They feel like whatever they have is similar and neither of them know what it is or how they got it. Amy thinks Lunchbox gave it to him because he always brings in different illnesses and rashes into the studio. Bones wants any listeners who are doctors to message the show if they know what it is, and they plan to have a doctor check it out soon if it doesn’t get better.