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Eddie Had Missed Opportunity For His Smokin’ Chicken Business

A listener left a voicemail for Eddie saying they’ve been trying to message him to buy one of his chicken’s, but he hasn’t accepted her message request They also mentioned they live close to the studio so she could pick it up and he wouldn’t need to travel.  

Eddie claims he makes the best Smokin’ Hot Chicken but hasn’t sold any in a while. While at the grocery store the other day, he realized he missed a huge opportunity for his smokin’ chicken business. He noticed a group of people who looked like executives looking at produce and taking notes. One of the guys recognized him and told him he’s a fan of the show and that he oversees 20 Kroger's in the area. When Eddie left the store, he realized he missed a huge opportunity to ask if he could get his Smokin’ Hot Chickens to be sold in the stores.  

Eddie hasn’t made or sold one of his chickens in a while, so everyone thought it seemed like he was done with his business, but he stated that he is 100% committed to it. He has a business plan and wants the man he met at the store to reach out to him so he could start making and selling 5 chickens per store. Bobby Bones doesn’t think he is committed enough to his Smokin’ Hot Chicken business to sell it in grocery stores and shared this is the last time they will talk about his business on the show!