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Eddie’s Kids Using New Phrase That Makes Him Uncomfortable

Eddie’s kids have started saying a new phrase that he does not like.  

Instead of saying the actual curse word that starts with an S, they say “No dip.” He can’t get too upset about it because they aren’t cursing, but they are saying it with the emotion and intent of the curse word. They don’t say any other phrases in place of curse words like “That sucks,” so he’s been caught off guard by their new saying. Amy’s son is also saying it and will respond with it even if he’s being told good news. Eddie’s sons know it annoys him, so they’ve been saying it a lot. Bobby Bones thinks “no dip” is fine and if Eddie just acts like it’s not a big deal, eventually they’ll stop.  

Amy heard her 17-year-old daughter curse recently. It was out of frustration during a situation with her little brother. To Amy, it was a valid moment for her to curse because she was upset, and she wanted her to get her emotions out. Amy was always uptight about cursing until two years ago and she doesn’t think she will be that way with her kids. She does check her kids' texts to make sure they aren’t cursing for nothing but is fine if they use it to express how they’re feeling. They agreed that there is a time and place for everything and that includes situations where you say a curse word but when it’s disrespectful that’s when it becomes a problem. Bones thinks them saying “No dip” is hilarious and better than saying the s-word.