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Bobby Got Pulled Over for Speeding

Bobby Bones got pulled over, but was given a warning! 

It was during the day and when he saw the blue lights flash behind him, he pulled over and kept his hands on the wheel. He remained respectful because he knows every time an officer pulls someone over; their life is at risk. When the officer approached his car, Bones immediately admitted that he was speeding and deserved a ticket. He was embarrassed because his wife was in the car with him and probably thought he looked like a loser. He also knew he had no power in the situation, so he was trying to get out of it as fast as possible to gain some of his masculinity back.  

The officer informed him that he was going 10mph over the speed limit but let him off with a warning. He told him that they were just informing people to slow down that day, but if he was going 15mph over the limit, he would’ve gotten a ticket. Bones felt like he deserved one and everyone shared that they’d expect to get one if they got pulled over for going 10mph over the limit. Everyone thinks he didn’t get the ticket because he didn’t give the cop a hard time. Lunchbox thought it was because Bones folded and showed the officer, he’s weak so he felt bad for him and let him go.