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Everyone Recaps Show For Listener Who Was In Coma

A listener wrote in and shared that he went through an eight-week coma and now doesn’t have many memories after 2018. He wanted to know how we would update somebody who is a fan of the show and just got out of coma.  

Bobby Bones shared some notes on all the members of The Bobby Bones Show and highlighted some of their biggest moments since 2018. He started with Amy and shared that she adopted her kids in 2018, she got divorced, she turned 40, her father died and in the last few months she has started dating again and she was in the movie Holiday Harmony! Since 2018, Eddie got a hair system and is no longer bald, he had two foster kids that he adopted, he walked from West Virginia to Tennessee to raise money for charity, he went on a weird diet where he only ate boiled eggs, fish and vegetables and he and Bones opened for Garth Brooks at Razorback Stadium.  

Lunchbox’s five year updated included that he’s had three kids since 2018. His Ultima is not officially dead, but he still hasn’t gotten a new car. He still plays rec league soccer but is the manager of the team now and washes the uniforms so he can stay on the team. And he has given up his dream to be on The Real World but would love to be on The Challenge or Survivor.  

Since 2018, Bones has gotten married, and he and his wife are about to celebrate three years together. He turned 40, got Stanley the bulldog and adopted another dog named Eller that they found. He put out a book called Fail Until You Don’t, said “I love you,” for the first time to the person he ended up marrying and he wrote a kid's book called Stanley the Dog: The First Day of School.