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What Is This Crap: Bobby, Eddie, & Lunchbox All Have Complaints

Bobby Bones, Eddie and Lunchbox shared their latest "What Is This Crap" moments from crazy real world situations.

Work sent Bones on a trip overseas last week and he had a connecting flight in Philadelphia. On flights he gets a bad headache if he doesn’t drink a ton of water, so he used a water fountain to keep filling his cup. But the only way the water would come out is if he watched a commercial first. You couldn’t skip it and he thought it was ridiculous he had to watch an ad to get water.  

Eddie shared that he’s very careful on what he allows his kids to watch and uses parental controls on their TVs. They can only watch PG-13 or R rated movies with a password. He has a Vizio TV in his living room that has all the streaming services apps and he realized they had access to watch the dirtiest most inappropriate movies. He searched for hours on how to add parental controls on a Vizio TV but found no results and thinks they don’t have them.

Lunchbox shared he’s upset that Hooters announced they are closing several of their underperforming restaurants. He wants to know what is wrong with society that they aren’t supporting the women of Hooters and their wings. He feels every young man needs to experience Hooters and is worried if people don’t start supporting them, they will all close, and his son’s will never get to experience it. Lunchbox was 11 the first time he went to a Hooters. He and his friend used to open the door, look and then run away because they thought it was only for people 18+. When he was 13, he realized they could go so they started sitting at the bar to order a Coke there. He’s asking people to go visit their local Hooters to show their support so more don’t close.