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Amy’s Daughter Got First Warning Ticket While Driving

Amy’s daughter got her first warning ticket for making an inappropriate turn while driving.

She didn’t tell her parents that it had happened, and they discovered the ticket on their own when Ben, her father, went to put her new insurance card in her glove box. That’s when he saw the warning ticket that was dated for a month ago. It was just a warning, so no steps needed to be taken, which is why she didn’t tell them. They had a talk with her about it and she shared that she knows exactly what she did wrong and learned from it. She got the warning because she cut off a car that turned out to be a police officer. Had she not kept the ticket, they would’ve never known. It’s Ben’s week with the kids so Amy was thankful he handled this situation. Their daughter was not punished because she learned from her mistake and truly didn’t know she was in the wrong when it happened, and it hasn’t happened since!