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Doctor Shares Diagnoses for Amy & Lunchbox's Similar Rashes

Dr. Zoelle from South Dakota called into The Bobby Bones Show to share a diagnosis for Amy and Lunchbox’s similar rashes on their legs.  

She saw pictures of them and thought it was bacterial folliculitis. She noted that it’s not super contagious and thought they might have just gotten some bacteria under their fingernails and scratched that area or there’s bacteria on their skin and then their clothing rubbed too hard.  

It’s superficial and not that deep so just washing with soap and water can help. If you want to get an over-the-counter antibiotic ointment like Bacitracin, that could help clear it up faster. She confirmed it’s not leg herpes. Amy’s been moving so she thinks she got it from that. She put cream on it overnight and it helped it go away. 

While on the phone, Bones asked Dr. Zoelle a medical question about an issue he’s been dealing with. About 9 months ago, he went on medication for his OCD, and it made him gain weight. He went off of it because he rather deal with his OCD than feel crappy about himself. He gained about 20 pounds and has lost about 10 pounds since he went off, so he wanted to know if medications give people different symptoms even if it says it won’t, and she confirmed it does and it’s something you should inform your medical provider about.  

Lunchbox also asked bumps he has on his hip that are sensitive to the touch. He shared that when the band of his underwear touches them, it hurts so bad that he can’t sleep from the pain. Dr. Zoelle informed him that it might be shingles and that it could be very contagious. Eddie asked Dr. Zoelle about his fractured foot and shared that he thinks he tore a ligament in his pinky toe. She informed him that since he does not put a lot of weight barring on that toe, it’s not something he’d need to get fixed.