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Lunchbox Debates How Long To Wait For Parking Spot

Lunchbox is having an issue about a parking spot situation he just experienced!  

He was in the parking lot of a restaurant and all the spaces were full. He saw people get in their car to leave so he waited in the row with his blinker on indicating he was going to turn into that spot once they left. The people took their time pulling out of the spot and cars started to pile up behind him and people started to honk. It was a single lane so no one could get through around him. He sat there waiting for two minutes and people continued to honk at him and the person behind him even gave him the bird. When the car pulled out, Lunchbox took the spot and the car that was waiting behind him zoomed off and honked at him all angry. Lunchbox wanted to know what the etiquette was in this situation and how long you can hold traffic up for a parking spot.  

Amy shared that she’d never wait for a parking spot that held up traffic. Eddie shared that he would’ve honked but not given the bird. Bobby Bones shared that he would hold it up for a minute but if it took too long, he would roll down his window and ask them if they planned on leaving soon. He stated that as long as there is motion with the parked car in the spot you’re waiting for, like they have their lights on and it looks like they are getting ready to leave, you can wait. If it looks like they are just sitting in their car and have no plans on leaving, you have to move on and find another parking spot.