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Are You ‘The Girl Who Cried Wolf? (Here’s What’s REALLY Causing Self-Sabota

OUTWEIGH: Have you ever gone to start a new plan or program, and on the surface you’re gung- ho — ready to take it by the reins, deeply committed, and hoping (praying!) that this time really IS different — that this will be ‘the thing’ that changes everything for you… but secretly in the back of your mind, you’re WAITING for it to fail?

Perhaps you’re even outright EXPECTING it to fail, because you know in your heart-of-hearts that even though the plan or the program itself might be different…you know deep down that YOU haven’t changed — that you haven’t gotten your mind, your head, your brain, and your heart aligned in a way that WOULD cause things to be different?

I see this happening ALL the time. Heck, it's exactly how I used to feel each time I started out some new plan or method that (eventually) I just STOPPED talking about it or telling anyone altogether. And in this episode of Outweigh we are going to talk about why this REALLY happens, how to earn back your own trust, and how to never become the "Girl Who Cried Wolf" ever again.

HOST: Leanne Ellington // // @leanneellington

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