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Lunchbox Confronted Neighbor Again Over Broken Down Car

About a month ago, Lunchbox told us he was frustrated with one of his neighbors.

The neighbor had left a broken down vehicle parked in front of Lunchbox's house. The vehicle had been there for 2 months straight. Since Lunchbox only has street parking at his house, he wanted to be able to park in front of his house again. So he confronted the neighbor with the broken down vehicle. When Lunchbox knocked on their door, the neighbor said they were willing to move the car the next day if Lunchbox could help. However, it's been weeks and the neighbor hasn't moved the car.

Today (April 22), Lunchbox shared that he confronted the neighbor a second time. Lunchbox was out walking his dog when he saw his neighbor walk out of a restaurant with a girl. So he decided to confront the situation right then and there. Lunchbox asked him why he hadn't moved the vehicle yet and the neighbor's excuse was that the car's key fell off his key ring and it's currently lost. Since Lunchbox has given his neighbor several opportunities to get the car moved, the show thinks he can have it towed next week if it is still sitting there.