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Lunchbox Confronts Neighbor Over Broken Down Vehicle

Yesterday on The Bobby Bones Show (March 28), Lunchbox told us about a feud brewing with a neighbor. This neighbor is a different one than the neighbor who Lunchbox was feuding with over Christmas lights.

Lunchbox's neighbor had a broken down vehicle parked in front of Lunchbox's house for the last several weeks. And because Lunchbox's family doesn't have a driveway, street parking is very valuable especially the spot in front of their home. Lunchbox found out the neighbor has a work truck so there was no hurry to fix the broken down vehicle. After discussing options with Bobby, Amy, and Eddie, it was decided that Lunchbox should confront the neighbor about the situation.

Today (March 29) Lunchbox shared the audio of the encounter. When Lunchbox knocked on his door and mentioned the situation, he told the neighbor he would be willing to help him push the car to another location. The neighbor responded calmly and said that would be great so they started planning a time to push the car into a new location. Overall the neighbor wasn't frustrated or upset with Lunchbox, he was apologetic and willing to move the car.