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Director Calls Lunchbox About Audition for ‘Bat Out Of Hell The Musical’

Jay Scheib the director for Bat Out Of Hell The Musical called into The Bobby Bones Show this morning (August 15).

He reviewed Lunchbox's audition from Friday (August 12) and thought he did really good. Adding that he's never seen anyone quite like Lunchbox in an audition. Scheib wanted to offer Lunchbox the comedic, improvisation role in the musical. Lunchbox would play a character in the beginning who is working on a motorcycle and cracking jokes, then he would take part in the big fight scenes throughout the musical. Jay shared that he was inspired by Lunchbox's audition where he was improvising, and wants to make the scene exactly like Lunchbox acted it out. He would have 10 set lines and some improvised lines. Though Scheib wasn't sure how many days Lunchbox would be in the role given that the musical is indefinitely a residency in Las Vegas.

Lunchbox was so excited about the offer. He started asking a lot of questions before finally saying yes to the role!