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Morgan’s Millennial Movie Review of ‘Alf’

Morgan is the youngest on The Bobby Bones Show, so sometimes Bobby BonesAmyEddie, and Lunchbox make references and she doesn't know them due to difference in age. Some of those references come from popular movies and TV shows before Morgan was born or when she was young.  

Bones has been tasking Morgan with watching, for the first time, the popular things from "back in the day" to see if they are still loved and relatable in the same ways today. Here are all of the things she's watched and reviewed since this started:  

Her latest assignment was to watch the TV show Alf. She watched 10 episodes on Peacock and really liked it. She said she laughed a lot during the show and thought the comedy was on par still for today and got a lot of joy watching it. She thought it was cool to see something that was ahead of its time doing an alien creature and that Alf was a cute creature. She did admit, as a superhero movie fan, it’s hard to watch something that is so outdated in terms of special effects. She could tell how old the show was. Because it made her laugh so much, she gave it 3/5 cats.