Thomas Rhett Talks Life With His Kids, Collaborating With Other Artists

 Thomas Rhett is currently playing stadiums across the country with the "Trip Around The Sun" Tour opening for Kenny Chesney. His latest autobiographical single "Life Changes" is making it's way up the country charts. 

Rhett stopped by the Bobby Bones Show to share details about touring with Kenny Chesney with his family by his side as well as talk about his recent collaborations and hangs with pop artists. 

Rhett shared that he is currently rocking a "dad beard." He and his wife Lauren made it point to bring their whole family on the road for the tour. Rhett shared that at first they tried to put the kids to bed before the shows, but they love standing side stage while dad performs, saying "It's a constant trying to get Willa Gray not to run out on stage and grab my leg." Going even further to say that she really enjoys being in the spotlight. 

Willa Gray is still a fairly new sister and Rhett notes that it took her about a month to adjust to being a big sister to Ada James, "She's grown into that big sister role pretty hard. Willia always wants to be in the room when we're putting Ada to bed." He even said that it's always complete chaos when they're all together, but as his song goes... "I wouldn't change it for the world."  

His song "Life Changes" didn't start out as an autobiographical song. When they were writing in the studio, one of the songwriters noted that Rhett's life had changed dramatically in the last couple of years. After getting the music, one line at a time started turning into a story about his life, from the time he was 19 years old until now. 

Something that always happens to the family is people messing up their names. From interviews to fans, people sometimes aren't sure the real names. For the record, Thomas Rhett Akins Jr. is his full name with his wife Lauren and their kids Willa Gray and Ada James. 

Rhett talked about a recent songwriting collaboration with Charlie Puth. He also noted that he really likes pop singer Niall Horan. He not only went to Niall's Nashville show but also worked out at the gym with him and went golfing alongside him and Charles Kelley of Lady Antebellum. Rhett says his favorite artist and "dream friend" though is Bruno Mars. "Me and Bruno are best friends, but he just doesn't know it yet." Rhett has met Bruno once but hopes to have more run-ins in the future. 

The next single for Thomas Rhett is called "Sixteen." The song is about a progression of life over time from 16, 18, 21 to the current day in one's life.  Rhett said, "I have written more songs than I know what to do with. It's amazing how much you haven't talked about." Rhett along with his four producers plan to finish the entire record in December 2018/January 2019 with new music coming early 2019.

Watch the full interview with Thomas Rhett on The Bobby Bones Show below!