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Jana Kramer Found Out About Husband Cheating 20 Minutes Before Her Concert

Jana Kramer stopped by Bobby Bones' podcast The BobbyCast, for the second time. Bones brought Kramer in for a podcast last September where the two talked about her time on Dancing with the Stars, what it was like getting dropped from her label, and how she handled performing on stage while pregnant. Since her last appearance on the podcast, Kramer opened up about her husbands cheating scandal and what how they overcame such a huge obstacle in their marriage.

Kramer just released a new song called "Beautiful Lies," where she sings about her husband's affair and his battle with sex addiction. The song explains when she found out about the news she wished so badly that it wasn't true and she would've rather been told a million "Beautiful Lies" so she didn't have to believe the truth. Kramer tells Bones that her friend confronted her 20 minutes before she was supposed to go on stage to perform a concert. Her friend told her to check his phone bills to see if her gut feelings were spot on and once she checked the records, it all became clear. Kramer said she'll never forget that moment or that day and how she felt. She immediately called her husband and said "you have 20 minutes to explain to me what happened."

Listen to the full BobbyCast to hear how Kramer dealt with all of her emotions after finding out the heartbreaking news. She also offers dating advice for Bobby!