Lunchbox Hid From Amy At Open House For The House They Both Want To Buy

Last week, we found out that Amy and Lunchbox are interested in the same house.

They're both looking to move for different reasons; Amy's kids need to be in the right school district, and Lunchbox and his wife are having another baby. They've both been looking at houses in Nashville for awhile, but as it turned out, they were both narrowed down to the same house. The house is a fixer-upper, on some land, and one that both think would be a good fit for their respective families.

So now they're both vying for the house, although, they have both been looking at other ones as well. No official offers have been put in yet, but they're both still visiting the house during "Open House" hours and making appointments to go see it.

Just recently, Amy and her family made an appointment to see the house right before an Open House. As they were walking out, Lunchbox and his wife had pulled up to see the house again during the Open House. Amy said that Lunchbox hid from her when he saw her. He was still in his car and proceeded to duck as she walked by. Lunchbox confessed that he did hide from Amy, he didn't want to talk to her and make things even more awkward.