We Found Out If Amy's Psychic Cousin Was Right About Bobby's Engagement

Just a few months ago in July, The Bobby Bones Show had on Amy's cousin, Amanda The Psychic. She came on to predict some things in Bones life like she's done before, however the show is always a bit skeptical. Bones and Amy aren't really convinced on the whole psychic side of things.

During her phone call with the show in July, she had a month predicted that she believed Bones was going to propose. However instead of sharing it, she texted the month to Amy so she could hold onto it until Bones got engaged. Well, as listeners know, Bones got engaged last night (October 11th) to his girlfriend Caitlin Parker. So we had a follow up this morning on the show (October 12th) where Amy revealed the month that Amanda predicted.

Amy had text receipts sharing that back in July her cousin texted her the month. Amanda predicted that October would be the month Bones was going to get engaged, she said it was also possibly going to happen in November, but she felt very strongly that it would be October. So, she was right!

Watch above to hear Amy share whether Amanda was correct, and watch below to hear Amanda's original psychic readings.