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Mat Kearney Says Singing For Bobby Bones Proposal Wasn't Awkward At All

Artist and friend of Bobby Bones, Mat Kearney was the one who performed after Bobby Bones proposal to his girlfriend Caitlin Parker. He came on The Bobby Bones Show to share how he felt during the proposal and his performance.

Bones shared that he saw Kearney on Instagram and decided to direct message him. He asked if Kearney was available on the 11th for something at his house, and Kearney saw it and didn't respond for the entire day. Kearney was actually out filming something for a project when he got Bobby's direct message. He remembered to respond to him later that evening and said he was open.

The day of the proposal, Kearney said he had to be in "stealth mode" and was hiding in the bushes with his guitar to not be seen by Caitlin before the proposal actually happened. When Kearney got the green light to come out of hiding, things got really personal. He shared that this was his first time ever performing for just two people. But things weren't awkward, Kearney shared that Caitlin was so shocked, genuinely happy, and crying so much that it was actually really sweet for him to be part of.

Despite never doing something like this before, Kearney didn't have an exit plan, he just hoped things went down really well. As for what Kearney is up to besides Bones proposal in 2020, he released his live album Until We Meet Again.