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Eddie Gives Update On Foster Kids Situation After Having Them For 2 Years

This month marks 2 years since Eddie and his wife became foster parents to two young kids. They went through foster parent training back in 2018 and were given two kids shortly after. The kids are young, with one of them being an infant when he first arrived.

Since arriving at their home, the kids have become part of the family. Eddie said during The Bobby Bones Show that he couldn't imagine their lives without the two kids. Last year, they planned to officially adopt the kids once the parental rights were terminated. However, with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the timeline kept getting pushed back.

Eddie shared they are now waiting until around August (later this year) for an update on the parental rights getting terminated which pushes a lot of their timetables and adoption possibilities back even further. He hopes things move forward quickly as he noted that both of the kids have been referring to him as "daddy" for awhile now.