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Someone On The Show Might Be Going To Space

A few weeks ago, Jared Isaacman came on The Bobby Bones Show to discuss being the pilot of the first civilian space mission. He's a billionaire that decided to raise money for St. Jude Children's Hospital, all while allowing anyone to enter the drawing to go to space as part of his crew.

He told us that three individuals were to be drawn out of the contest and they would go along with him on the trip. Despite being the pilot of the first ever civilian mission to space, Isaacman doesn't have any fear going into the trip. He's excited to continue exploring our galaxy while also helping with a big problem down here on Earth. All those who entered in to be a possible winner of the contest had to make a donation to St. Jude to be entered. So The Bobby Bones Show put Bobby, Amy, Eddie, Lunchbox, and Raymundo into a hat for a chance to be the person's name we all donate in honor of. Each person put down $20 and all of the donation entries will have Lunchbox's name on them after a dramatic drawing in the studio.

UPDATE as of February 23 show: Lunchbox put $100 in the pot for the show to do a redraw and also add in Morgan2 and Mike D's names. Despite more people in the pot, the final two was down to Lunchbox and Morgan2. She wanted to go to space, but even still Lunchbox ended up being the loser and still has to go to space.