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Eddie Plans To Read His 7-Year-Old Son's Locked Journal

A few weeks back The Bobby Bones Show was discussing Amy's 14-year-old daughter wanting to get a locked diary. Amy had some mixed emotions on the situation, but ultimately knew it would be a great thing for her daughter to have. During the segment, Eddie said there would be no locked diaries in his home because they don't have secrets.

That's when last week Eddie admitted that he found out his 7-year-old son has a locked journal. Keeping with his same idea that he shared during Amy's story, Eddie has been contemplating opening it up. Eddie has yet to actually open it, but shared this morning that he plans to open it. He is going to take the approach of asking his son to share with him what's in it first before just opening it. However, if that doesn't work out he plans to just open it.

When Bones asked if his curiosity is more important than his son's sense of privacy, Eddie said that at this age, yes.